Ningbo Sansheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd. originated in 1958. The company mainly produces reproductive hormones for fish and livestock, and vigorously promotes precise batched sow farrowing management and timed artificial insemination for large-scale farms. At present, the company's products have obtained 5 new veterinary drug certificates in category two and 9 in category three. In the past three years, three invention patents have been granted. Sansheng has always been leading in research investment, technological and management innovation, cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and experts, and high-end communication platform establishment in the industry. Every year, 10% of the company's sales are used for innovation, research and industry exchange and sharing. The combination of production, teaching and research has been achieved in the companys cooperation with domestic universities, domestic leading enterprises in the industry, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal and other foreign institutes. Sansheng aspires to join the ranks of the TOP 10 in China's veterinary drug industry for comprehensive strength, and increase the value of animals through research and promotion of efficient animal breeding technology, thereby improving the natural environment we live in and promoting the harmonious development of human and nature.